Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Food Security in Algeria: A back-of-the-envelope calculation

Arable land in the UK amounts to 18.5 million hectares, whereas in Algeria it is 8.5 million hectares. A simple calculation shows that our arable land is approximately 46% the size of that in the UK.
In 1998, the value of British agriculture exports was 17.89 billion USD. It appears that 5 million hectares are used for crops and the rest for grazing livestock.
British agriculture and fishing provides 60% of the kingdom’s food needs.
Population of Algeria (DZ) is 36 million and the UK’s population is 61 million
DZ/UK= 36/61= 59%
If we assume that Algeria’s needs in food are 59% those of the UK; the food produced from 8.5 million hectares should be able to satisfy 27.6% of the food needs of the UK or 46.8% of the food needs of Algeria.

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